Residential Subdivision

Boundary + Topographic Survey Wetland Delineation Threatened and Endangered Species Study Environmental Permitting Subdivision Plat Grading Plan Utility Plan Roadway Profiles Details SEQR Municipal Approvals

Community Solar Farm

Boundary + topographic Surveying Preparation of civil site plans Environmental permitting with NYSDEC, USACE + Adirondack Park Agency Visual Assessment with Renderings Municipal Approvals

Albany Medical Center

Ingalls & Associates performed several survey tasks for an expansion of appurtenant features associated with Albany Medical Center Hospital, including an 8-level parking garage, 6-story office building, and retail pharmacy. Survey tasks included: Building layouts and as-built locations Caisson layouts…
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Lake Champlain Bridge

Ingalls & Associates provided construction survey and engineering services for the replacement of the Lake Champlain Bridge, which connects New York and Vermont.  The bridge, which conveys New York State Route 185 over Lake Champlain, was demolished by New York…
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