Environmental Engineering, Permitting & Compliance


  • Wetland Delineation and Mapping
  • USACE and NYSDEC Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Wetland Impact permitting
  • Mitigation Plans and Water Budgets
  • Mitigation Monitoring


  • Threatened and Endangered Plant & Animal Habitat Assessment and Surveys
  • Avian, Reptile, and Amphibian Surveys (Audio and Visual)
  • Stream Habitat Assessment
  • Stream Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Identification
  • Water Quality Assessment
  • Ecological Community Inventories
  • Flora and Fauna Inventory

Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

  • Mining Permits
  • Landfill Permits, Annual Reports and Closure Reports
  • Dredging Permits

Environmental Regulations

  • Phase I and II ASTM Environmental Site Assessment
  • Water and Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Remedial Action Work Plans
  • Health and Safety Plans

Environmental Impact Statements

  • GEIS, DEIS and FEIS Preparation
  • State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) Determinations
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Digital Rendering

Stormwater Management

  • SWPPP Observation and Reporting (CPESC certified)
  • State Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permitting