Residential Subdivision

Boundary + Topographic Survey Wetland Delineation Threatened and Endangered Species Study Environmental Permitting Subdivision Plat Grading Plan Utility Plan Roadway Profiles Details SEQR Municipal Approvals

Community Solar Farm

Boundary + topographic Surveying Preparation of civil site plans Environmental permitting with NYSDEC, USACE + Adirondack Park Agency Visual Assessment with Renderings Municipal Approvals

Port of Coeymans Industrial Dock Facility

Ingalls & Associates completed several engineering and environmental tasks relative to the rehabilitation and revitalization of a formerly abandoned industrial dock facility along the Hudson River. The Port of Coeymans was a former brick manufacturing facility. It now operates as…
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International Salt Bulk Storage Facility

Ingalls & Associates provided comprehensive engineering and surveying services associated with a large salt bulk storage facility.  Services included boundary and topographic survey, site plan design, stormwater analysis and preparation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and NPDES permitting…
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Berkshire Bank-Former Shoe Depot

Ingalls & Associates provided complete surveying and engineering services for the design and construction of the adaptive reuse of the former Shoe Depot building for a new bank branch. Services included Boundary & Topographic Surveys, Site Plan, Grading and Drainage…
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Kendall Square Mixed-Use Development

Ingalls & Associates provided services for the design and construction of a mixed-use multi-family development, including 108 residential units and 40,000 square feet of commercial office space with access roads, driveways and associated utilities on a 17- acre site. Boundary…
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